VIP - Volunteer Incentive Program

The volunteer incentive program has been introduced to help recognise the efforts of volunteers at events, particularly those who are also competitors in adventure races. The program allows volunteers to obtain points for each event that they assist with. These points can be used to enter other Geocentric Events for free.

How the Points Work

For each event that you volunteer at, you will obtain VIP points. Longer events and events in more remote areas attract more points. If you volunteer for more that one race your points accumulate. Geocentric will keep a track of how many points you have accumulated. Contact if you have a query on how many you have.

Once you have accumulated enough points, you are able to use these to enter an event for free. The shorter events require less points while the longer events require more. To enter an event, use the existing entry form, but in the comments section, make a note that you wish to use your points to enter. Your individual portion of the team fee will be deducted from the entry.

A table below outlines how the points for each event works.

 Points Obtained for Volunteering at this EventPoints Required to Enter the Event

For Example: John volunteers to assist at XPD, He obtains 200 VIP points for this. He may now choose to use all of these points to obtain a free entry into the next XPD. Alternately he can get a free entry to the next GeoQuest, using 100 points, and keeping 100 for a future race.


In order to keep the system as fair and simple as possible, there are some conditions that apply to obtaining and spending VIP points. These are strict – so if the points are important to you, make sure you understand what the conditions are.

Obtaining PointsYou must volunteer at the event for the events entire duration. This means you need to be there for the initial briefing right through to the end. If you are only able to help out for a portion of the event, sorry, you will not receive any VIP points for the event.
Spending PointsPoints are non-transferable, meaning only you are able to use the points which you obtain.
 Points expire after 3 years from the date they are attained.
 You must accumulate the points prior to being able to spend them.
 Points can only be used to pay for an event in it’s entirety. For example, if you have half the number of points required to enter the event, you are not able to get a discounted entry fee.
 Points are for your individual entry only, your team mates are still required to pay their portion of the entry fee.